Technology R & D (R & D)

The company's technology research and development has 45 professional design engineers and 35 technical staff, including machinery, mechanical and electrical professional undergraduate personnel 50, college or higher 30 people. Technical team specializing in mold design and manufacturing, precision metal processing of the project management staff, practitioners are more than 10 years experience, with strong technical strength. Technology R & D department has advanced management processes, adhering to the principle of customer priority, from product quality, cost, delivery of continuous improvement, and strive to meet and exceed customer expectations of the product.

R & D department can be customer samples or drawings, the product processing technology design, the development of the relevant production process, testing standards for the product process control and output to provide a reliable guarantee.

(サ ン プ ル ル ー シ ョ ン) に じ じ て, manufacture プ ロ セ ス を る, examination items and methods を め る る, today, development メ ン バ は 50 people が い る, そ の 中 に エ ン ジ ニ ー ア は 30 people が い ru. The design of the main body of the material and プ ロ セ ス を る, often に っ て い ru.

1. Fine punching die, even punching die

Companies in the fine die and die stamping die design, manufacturing, with strong technical strength, the international advanced level of technology, the leading domestic. In the mold design and manufacturing process, from the design, material selection, modular, commissioning, mass production to after-sales service, the whole process has carried out strict control, from the current cooperation has been the scope of business products classification, fine blanking cooperation scope: Automotive parts, electronics industry terminals, inserts, watches and clocks, gears and parts, LED related parts; with die cooperation range: motor stator, chip, shell, home appliances and electronic products, such as metal parts;

2. Precision hardware non-standard parts and folder, a rule

The company has precision machining equipment such as: CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, fine hole drilling machine, precision line cutting machine, discharge machine, laser cutting machine, welding machine, precision bending machines and other equipment. Can be processed in various types of metal non-standard parts, mold parts and equipment for mechanical parts, sheet metal products, the current customer parts of the application range: medical equipment, LED production equipment, automation machinery and equipment, household appliances, automobiles, electronics And other industries.

Factories have professional automation equipment, fixture fixture design and technical personnel, for customer demand, design and manufacture of related automation equipment, test equipment and precision folder, a rule, seized and so on.